Daniele Zaccaria M.D.

Dr. Daniele Zaccaria Medical Doctor graduated in 2004 at University of Milano-Bicocca and received his Sports Medicine and Exercise Specialization in 2008 (University of Pavia). At the moment, he works as Head Doctor at Team Bahrain Victorious UCI World Tour registered cycling team (previously at BMC Racing Team and CCC Team). In the past, he was Physician at Scuderia Toro Rosso Formula One Team and worked in some professional soccer teams such as FC Internazionale Milan and AC Pavia. He combines his medical knowledge with a strong application of exercise physiology when visiting or evaluating patients. As a sportsman, he played soccer at a semi pro level and is now active in athletics (10K and Half Marathon).

Professional Membership

Member of Order of Medical and Dental Surgeons Province of Monza Brianza n. 2972
Member of FIMS - Fédération Internationale de Médécine du Sport
Member of ECSS – European College of Sport Science
Member of the Italian Sports Medicine Federation n. 19405
Medical Doctor of Italian Cycling Federation no. 401, FITRI (triathlon) and FIDAL (athletics)

Sports Medicine services

Dr. Daniele Zaccaria - M.D. Sports Medicine and Exercise Specialized - receives patients by appointment in his private practice office located in Oggiono (Lecco - Italy) - as well as in the Interdipartimental Center of Biology and Sports Medicine of University of Pavia.
His expertise includes pre-participation screening according to the Italian Health Authority regulations, and functional evaluation tests in order to assess and to promote the performance of amateur and professional sportsmen.

  • Sports Medicine;
  • ECG, Stress ECG, Spirometry, Anthropometrics
  • Skin Fold Analysis
  • Training programs and athletic preparation plans
  • Health Prevention Programme with exercise customize prescription
  • Rehabilitation Programme (post surgery or post traumatic)
  • Sports Cardiology, Traumatology and Pneumology
  • Anti-Doping Consultancy
  • Sports Biomechanics and related pathology

Physiological Evaluation and Performance Test

Lactate Test

Test on your bicycle on a cyclosimulator – Kicker Wahoo ® – or cycloergometer, useful for monitoring physical condition throughout the year and for individualizing training loads. Thanks to lactate microarrays from the ear lobe, it is possible to accurately determine the anaerobic lactate threshold and working capacity (Watt / Kg).

Conconi Test

Test on your bicycle on a cyclosimulator – Kicker Wahoo ® – or on a cycloergometer to evaluate your physical condition and customize training loads based on heart rate that characterizes the different training tools. In addition, you can indirectly estimate the Maximum Oxygen Consumption (VO2max).

Conconi Test with ECG

The Conconi Cardiological Test is a Cardiological Maximal Ergometric Test carried out on a cyclosimulator – Kicker Wahoo ® – or on a cycloergometer with electrocardiogram monitoring throughout the test, to perform the analysis of Cardiac and Power Frequency data as In the Conconi Test.

VO2max Test

Test carried out using a metabolic gas analyzer for respiratory analysis and useful to categorize the absolute level of an athlete and to individualize training loads once the ventilation and anaerobic threshold has been established. From the analysis of the results you can build a customized training program based on the athlete’s goals.

Broncodynamic Test

Bronchostimulation and Reversibility Test: Sub-Maximal Ergometric Test with Baseline Measurement and Monitoring of SpirometryValues . From the analysis of values, it is possible to identify the phenomenon of the Physical Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm (EIB) or Exercise-Induced Laryngeal Obstruction EILO, also referred to as “Effort Asthma”.

Fields Tests1

Performance Testing aimed at evaluating the athlete in the “field of play”. This type may include a single test (for example, the cyclist’s lactate test) or multiple tests to evaluate the various physiological components of the sports discipline under consideration (eg team sports).